The Washington Opera Society fills a void in the Nation’s Capital by producing rarely-done works of the great composers. We produce narrated scenes, complete works, and abbreviated operas, operettas, and early show music in intimate salon settings. We contract world-class singers with younger unknown performers utilizing orchestras and choruses in embassies, ambassadorial homes, and private clubs. We endeavor to keep ticket prices low so that seniors and young people may attend. Our Mission continues as we will soon offer scholarships to young singers at universities in Washington, D.C. and invite at-risk youth to our performances at no cost to enhance their understanding of a great cultural resource. We work with other non-profits to help raise money and awareness for their humanitarian and health-related causes.


Executive Director: Michael J. Reilly

President: Alex Lok

Vice President: vacant

Treasurer: Jiajun Ye

Secretary: Rafael A. Prieto

Directors: Barbara Bennett, Doria Kaplan, Don Kress, Cary Pollak Esq., Siegfried Zottel


Advisory Council: Anne L. Howard-Tristani, Dennis Tristani, Stefan M. Lopatkiewicz Esq., LTC James Smith USAF Ret.


Artistic Director: Scott Beard PhD.

Principal Conductor: Julien Benichou 

Accounting: John Wall CPA